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1.08.2016 Ivica Smolic appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Group
27.07.2016 Victoria Group among top 15 Serbian exporters in the first half of 2016
28.06.2016 Victoriaoil on the Chinese market
27.06.2016 Conference on the Production and Processing of Oilseeds held for the 57th time
23.06.2016 Vladimir Čupić appointed the new Executive Director and CFO of Victoria Group
18.05.2016 Grand Gold Medal for Iskon Oil Awarded by Novi Sad Fair
16.05.2016 Victoria Group on Regional Agribusiness Conference “Across the Field to Europe”
27.04.2016 Victoria Group as a Part of Program for Corporate Volunteering “Academy of Business Skills”
25.03.2016 Victoria Group among the top 10 exporters in Serbia
10.03.2016 Victoria Group at the Kopaonik Business Forum on the Serbian Agriculture
29.02.2016 Victoria Group at the FRA ARENA 2016 on Agribusiness in the Region
6.11.2015 A successful agricultural year and increased revenues
17.10.2015 Victoria Group at the Fifth Agricultural Forum “Food for Europe”
12.10.2015 Iskon oil awarded the Ruža Zeps for the fifth time
7.08.2015 Revenue and business results increase of Victoria Group in the first half of 2015
30.04.2015 Gold Medal for Iskon Oil
27.04.2015 Victoriaoil Supported the First Counseling Conference of the Confectionery Industry in the Region
23.04.2015 Use of Biomass and Agro-pellets Presented at the RENEXPO Fair
21.04.2015 Victoriaoil Helped Soup Kitchens in Kosovo and the Affected People in Majdanpek
1.04.2015 Victoria Group among the biggest net exporters in Serbia
26.03.2015 Victoria Group is a partner of the “Agricultural Policy of Serbia” conference
2.03.2015 Blood donation event organized in Victoriaoil
28.01.2015 Claudio Scarrozza appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Group
23.12.2014 Victoria Logistic and Sojaprotein introduce Danube Soya Standard
17.12.2014 Tamara Vlastelica Bakić Named the Best Young Manager in 2014