Caring for the environment

As a socially responsible company, Victoriaoil invests significant resources in environmental protection. An environment policy is applied when planning and investing in the plants so that each and every investment in production at the factory is as efficient as possible in terms of energy consumption and preserving the environment.

The focus on energy efficiency and lowering carbon dioxide emissions began in 2007 with the building of a biomass boiler, and the second stage came in 2012 when a boiler with an even greater capacity was built. The use of biomass, i.e. sunflower husks which are waste in the technological manufacturing process, significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels and allows Victoriaoil to run an energy independent factory. The boiler itself has an embedded electrostatic filter, which reduces to a minimum the effect on the environment from the release of exhaust gases.

Victoriaoil is operating according to the ISO 14001 standard with implemented certification for the fourth year now, where all of the more substantial impacts on the natural environment are regulated with the monitoring and regular control of gas emissions and noise. As part of the company’s concern for the environment, we particularly appreciate communication and the relationship we have built with the local community.