Senior Management Change in Sojaprotein

Victoria Group together with Sojaprotein, a member company of the Group, is pleased to inform the public about the change in Sojaprotein senior management.

As of 1 May 2013 Mr. James P. King will be appointed as the General Manager of Sojaprotein, while Mrs. Branislava Pavlović, who has been leading the company successfully for the last eight years, will join the senior management team of the Victoria Group as a Director of Legal Affairs.

Sojaprotein has been established in the early 80's and has been processing Serbian origin Non GMO soybeans into higher protein value products for animal feed and human food. With the opening of a new Soy Protein Concentrates (SPC) production plant in late 2012, Sojaprotein is positioning itself as a supplier of superior quality, Non GMO soy concentrates in addition to its established product portfolio of refined soya flours and textured soy products for human consumption and soya meal for animal nutrition.

Mr. James King is a leading soy protein expert with 35 years of extensive international experience in managing processing plants, marketing and commercialization of agricultural commodities like soybeans, meal, oil, lecithin and specifically soy proteins as well as other ingredients for the human food and animal feed market segments. Mr. King has held senior management and consulting positions with major global agro companies like: ADM, Continental Grain, DuPont, Solae, Central Soya and Cargill. He has been influential in reorganizing Soyprotec of Shemen Industries. During the last three years Mr. King has helped bringing up new green-field operations in Finland, where as strategic Industry Consultant for Finnprotein, he has been the initiator of their targeted commercial direction and goals.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the technological process in soybean processing and downstream product markets, James will lead Sojaprotein into a new cycle of business development, where the focus will be on penetrating new markets with Serbian soy protein concentrate products.

Sojaprotein owes its success and position as a leading company in Central and Southeast Europe to Victoria Group’s strategic vision and Branislava’s leadership. During her tenure, the company has significantly improved productivity and overall business results. A number of investments were implemented whereby today the company produces all processing steam from biomass fired boilers and hence has eliminated its dependence on fossil fuels, significantly reducing its environmental footprint and processing costs. Mrs. Pavlović brings to the senior leadership team of Victoria Group her expertise in Serbian and international commercial low, enriched by her general management experience.