Two awards for Victoria Group in one day

Victoria Group has been awarded twice in the same day - for product quality and contribution to agriculture. Iskon cooking oil won the prestigious statuette for the best brand in the category of everyday consumer goods - food, in the competition Best of Serbia, which is traditionally handed out by the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the economic daily Privredni Pregled. On the same day, Victoria Group also received the Brand Leader Award for agriculture, which is given by Mass Media International, as the organiser of the 9th Regional Conference Agribusiness: Natural, Market and Investment Brand of Southeast Europe.

The Let's Choose the Best of Serbia action has been organised for nine years in a row with a view to promoting the values of the local economy and identifying the most recognisable local brands, and Iskon cooking oil was proclaimed the best brand in the food category. Besides this, the premium quality cooking oil produced by Victoriaoil, a Victoria Group member company, will find itself in all the larger retail chains in Top Corner - where the other winning brands in the Best of Serbia competition will be presented.

“Iskon oil from its first year became synonymous with quality and standards, which has been affirmed multiple times by the numerous awards at home and abroad. Its market share in the country and the volume of exports to the European Union also support this fact. But to carry this prestigious endorsement that you are the best in your country is the greatest satisfaction any company and manufacturer could want,” said Rajko Čavorović, the director of the Victoriaoil factory.

The same day, Victoria Group also received the Brand Leader Award for agriculture, which is traditionally handed out at the end of the Regional Conference Agribusiness, organised by Mass Media International. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry for Regional Development and Local Self-Government, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, SIEPA, the EU Delegation in Serbia, as well as regional agriculture and food industry representatives, took part in the conference. On that occasion companies and media outlets that have specially contributed to agriculture in Serbia were recognised.