• Sunflower meal 42% - I quality
  • Sunflower meal 37% - II quality
  • Sunflower meal 33% - III quality
  • Soybean meal 44% - II quality
  • Rapeseed meal 32%

Meal is a high-protein product obtained after extracting oil from seeds, and is used to feed animals. Depending on the raw material, sunflower meal with 37% protein, soybean meal with 44% protein or rapeseed meal with 32% protein is obtained. Sunflower meal can be further fractionised into meal with 42% protein and 33% protein.

An important property of the meal produced by the Victoriaoil factory is the high percentage of water soluble proteins.

Certificates: ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP+B2 (2010)
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